Procurement process

Private Organ­i­sa­tions

Government Agencies


The foundation KliK invites private organ­i­sa­tions to express their interest in planning and imple­menting miti­gation activ­ities suitable for the gener­ation of ITMOs. Private organ­i­sa­tions may apply online on this website, provided that an invi­tation for EoI is currently open. Selected organ­i­sa­tions receive a login account through which they access the Call for Proposals and the subse­quent stages in the procurement process.


Government agencies can express their interest in proposing miti­gation activ­ities by simply regis­tering. They receive a login account through which they can submit proposals.
However, also regis­tered government agencies must complement their submis­sions with a Letter of Intent issued by the national competent authori­ty.

Call for Proposal

Approved private organ­i­sa­tions are invited through their account to partic­ipate in peri­od­ical Call for Proposals. Respective tender docu­ments will be made acces­sible in the account. A Miti­gation Activi­ty Idea Note (MAIN) is submitted online in a standardised format on the website and must be accom­panied with a Letter of Intent.

Submis­sions on ongoing basis

A standardised Miti­gation Activi­ty Idea Note (MAIN) is submitted online. Government agencies are not required to wait for Calls for Proposals to submit MAINs.

Evalu­ation of Miti­gation Activi­ty Idea Notes

MAINs will be assessed and selected by the KliK Foundation in consul­tation with the Swiss government. Assessment criteria are laid down in a publicly available Evalu­ation Roster for Miti­gation Activi­ty Idea Notes (ERMAIN).

Miti­gation Activi­ty Design Document

If selected, the applicant must prepare a concept detailing how the miti­gation outcomes of the supported activi­ty will be deter­mined. At this stage, the applicant will be consulting with relevant govern­mental bodies in both the trans­ferring country and Switzerland. The KliK Foundation may consider carrying part of the costs for preparing the concept document (Miti­gation Activi­ty Design Document (MADD)).

Autho­ri­sation of the Activi­ty

Based on the MADD, govern­ments authorise the activi­ty in accor­dance with the provi­sions of the relevant bilat­eral agreement in order to allow for a transfer of ITMOs. In the absence of such a bilat­eral agreement, govern­ments initiate official talks to establish one.

Purchase Agreement

Upon successful autho­ri­sation within the framework of the bilat­eral agreement, the KliK Foundation will consider supporting the miti­gation activi­ty with a contract for results-based payments
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