Procurement process

General Principles and docu­men­tation

General principles for deter­mining the crediting baseline, estab­lishing sustainable devel­opment indi­cators, attributing miti­gation outcomes etc. will be provided by the KliK Foundation to assist appli­cants in drafting a MADD. This infor­mation is currently being compiled and will be made available in the second half of 2019.

The KliK Foundation has issued the following docu­ments to guide the selection and devel­opment of miti­gation activ­ities:


Miti­gation Activi­ty Idea Note

Format in which miti­gation activ­ities are submitted. This document is published for infor­mation purposes only and cannot be used to submit proposals: MAINs are submitted exclu­sively online via the website.


Evalu­ation Roster for MAINs

Set of criteria used by the KliK Foundation to assess proposals.


Miti­gation Activi­ty Description Document

Format used to structure and develop the miti­gation activi­ty. The MADD provides the basis on which to decide on granti­ng autho­ri­sation and offering a purchase agreement.