Procurement process

Bilat­eral agreement

Under the Paris Agreement, all countries have for the first time formu­lated emission reduction targets. In accor­dance with Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, emission reduc­tions may be traded between countries and used toward meeting national reduction targets.

If a country wishes to transfer emission reduc­tions, these reduc­tions must be achieved in addition to its formu­lated reduction target. It is of utmost impor­tance that these reduc­tions be recorded correctly and not double counted. Miti­gation activ­ities must therefore ensure envi­ron­mental integrity and trans­parency, as well as contribute to sustainable devel­opment.

In order to ensure that these require­ments are met, Switzerland will enter a legally binding bilat­eral agreement with the trans­ferring country. In partic­ular, this agreement will set out the terms governing the transfer of emission reduc­tions to Switzerland and the asso­ci­ated adjustment in the trans­ferring country’s emission balance. The agreement also estab­lishes a mutual under­standing of require­ments as regards human rights and sustainable devel­opment.

Without a bilat­eral agreement, no emission reduc­tions can be trans­ferred and used toward fulfilling the KliK Foundation’s carbon offset oblig­ation.

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