Pilot projects with countries and with the private sector

Switzerland is piloting concrete potential ITMO sources with four countries: Colombia, Mexico (capture and energetic use of landfill gas), Peru (efficient cook stoves) and Thailand (fleet electric vehicles).

20M USD in funding is made available by the Climate Cent Foundation, the predecessor of the KliK Foundation.

Work in the context of the pilots includes the development of bilateral agreements covering aspects such as corresponding adjustments to avoid double counting as well as the respective responsibilities of involved public and private stakeholders.

Future collaborations under Article 6 with states and with the private sector

Switzerland is currently identifying potential partner countries that would be interested in collaborating by selling emission reductions in the context of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement and the revised Swiss CO₂ Act (currently in parliamentary procedure).

Interested countries are invited to contact the Federal Office for the Environment at Sourcing of specific projects has been entrusted to the KliK Foundation.