Peru and Switzerland establish Formal Dialogue on a Bilateral Agreement on Art. 6 Cooperation.
Picture: Fabiola Martha Muñoz Dodero, Peruvian Minister for the Environment, and Marc Chardonnens, State Secretary, Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, issue joint statement at COP24. Source:

With a joint statement at COP24 in Katowice, the governments of Peru and Switzerland have formalised a bilateral dialogue in view of reaching a bilateral agreement on Art. 6 cooperation and gaining authorisation of a first mitigation activity under the bilateral agreement.

With the envisaged bilateral agreement, the countries will operationalise the provisions of the Paris Agreement and its rulebook, regarding among others the avoidance of double counting of internationally transferred mitigation outcomes (ITMOs), environmental integrity and sustainable development. The agreement will further define the modalities and procedures for authorising an activity under the agreement, for the verification of achieved mitigation outcomes, and for the creation and transfer of ITMOs. Where necessary, the agreement will be amended to remain in compliance with the Paris Rulebook.

Picture: Cooperation under the Paris Agreement (Art. 6): joint statement by Peru and Switzerland. Source:

At the first meeting in late October in Lima, the two countries jointly developed a white paper and a roadmap that frame the work programme in the Formal Dialogue on a Bilateral Agreement on Art. 6 Cooperation (Paris Agreement)

Formal Dialogue on Bilateral Agreement on Art 6 Cooperation

The first mitigation activity under consideration, the “Tuki Wasi” programme supporting the installation of clean cook stoves, should become operational from 2021, with financing from the Climate Cent Foundation under a piloting scheme. The programme is being developed and tested over the preparatory phase until 2020. Great attention is given to the activity’s complementarity to the implementation planning of Peru’s nationally determined contribution (NDC), to environmental integrity aspects such as conservativeness in baseline setting and additionality of created ITMOs, and to the promotion of sustainable development and monitoring thereof.

The 2nd meeting of the Formal Dialogue on a Bilateral Agreement on Art. 6 Cooperation (Paris Agreement) between Peru and Switzerland will be held on 21 and 22 January 2019, hosted by the Swiss Embassy in Lima. It will further elaborate on the jointly issued white paper on the elements needed for participation in cooperative approaches under Art. 6 of the Paris Agreement.

With a bilateral agreement in force as planned, the KliK Foundation could commit to supporting suitable activities in Peru from 2020 onwards in order to source ITMOs toward its post-2020 compliance.

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