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ITMO activities in Peru, Senegal and Ghana. New call for proposals this autumn

ITMO activities in Peru, Senegal and Ghana. New call for proposals this autumn

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One year ago, the KliK Foundation launched its procurement programme for certifi­cates delivered under the Paris Agreement (ITMO) for emission reduc­tions carried out abroad. The programme started well, with a first successful call for proposals in spring and a by now signif­i­cantly expanded website. So far, six miti­gation activ­ities have been selected for further devel­opment, of which three are currently under­going concrete elabo­ration. The KliK Foundation will carry out a second call for proposals this autumn.

In summer 2018, the KliK Foundation launched its emission reduc­tions procurement process under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. This past spring, it regis­tered partner organ­i­sa­tions for this procurement process and carried out a first call for proposals. The procurement process takes place exclu­sively online. The newly overhauled website provides clear and complete infor­mation on the Foundation’s concrete activ­ities and calls for proposals.

Developing a worldwide portfolio of mitigation activities

Struc­turing its procurement process along regular calls for proposals, the Foundation is building a growing portfolio of miti­gation activ­ities. Activ­ities selected by the Foundation are supported in their further substan­ti­ation. Of the six selected activ­ities so far, the following three are under devel­opment:

  • Green ITMO Credit Line for the Peruvian SME Industry
  • Dissem­i­nation of Domestic Biogas Digesters in Senegal’s Rural and Peri-urban Areas
  • Ghana’s National Clean Energy Access Programme

The Foundation’s website provides more detailed infor­mation on these activ­ities. Further infor­mation on other selected activ­ities will only be provided after official approval by partner countries.

The KliK Foundation expects to be able to grow its portfolio to 20 activ­ities by the middle of next year.

Strong interest in international calls for proposals

In the first call for appli­ca­tions carried out last spring, 50 organ­i­sa­tions qualified for partic­i­pation in calls for miti­gation activi­ty proposals. 30 proposals were submitted in the first call for proposals in May.

In the autumn, inter­ested organ­i­sa­tions will be given another oppor­tu­nity to apply with the Foundation as partner organ­i­sa­tions.

The Foundation will open its next call for proposals ahead of the climate nego­ti­a­tions taking place in Santia­go de Chile in December – more infor­mation to follow in a next newsletter. (→ Subscription here)

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