Newsletter no. 03/19

Launch Call for Proposal

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From 1 April to 12 May 2019 the KliK Foundation is conducting a first call for proposals for the procurement of ITMOs. Partner organ­i­sa­tions and government agencies are invited to take part in the call for proposals provided they have been previ­ously regis­tered by the KliK Foundation following to their «Expression of Interest». In this first call for proposals, the KliK Foundation intends to pilot the procurement process and to select three to five activ­ities for further devel­opment. Further possi­bil­ities to register and addi­tional calls for proposals for the procurement of ITMOs will follow.

The KliK Foundation fulfils the legal oblig­ation of Swiss motor fuel importers to procure emission reduc­tions. According to the draft revised law, 54 million tonnes of CO₂e are to be procured through inter­na­tional activ­ities for the period 2021 to 2030.

In order to effi­ciently meet this oblig­ation, the KliK Foundation is beginning already now to procure ITMOs. This allows the foundation to take into account that, under article 6 of the Paris Agreement, eli­gible miti­gation activ­ities require a long time to develop because their de­fi­n­ition must be made in close coop­er­ation with the trans­ferring country, Switzerland, the appli­cants and the KliK Foundation.

Which institutions are eligible under this call for proposals?

In March 2019, the KliK Foundation regis­tered approx­i­mately 50 partner organ­i­sa­tions and government agencies further to an invi­tation to «Expression of Interest» (EoI). They constitute the group of partic­i­pants of the current call for proposals. Government agencies are basi­cally free to join the call for proposals as they may register with the KliK Foundation anytime. Private organ­i­sa­tions that could not register for this call for proposals will have the oppor­tu­nity to apply for later invi­ta­tions to EoI. The KliK Foundation will conduct another invi­tation to EoI still this year with a subse­quent call for proposals for the procurement of ITMOs.

What kind of climate change mitigation activities is the KliK Foundation interested in?

In principle there are no restric­tions as to countries and technologies. However, activ­ities involving bi­olog­ical carbon seques­tration such as REDD+ or LULUCF are not admitted in this call for proposals since their el­igi­bili­ty has not yet been suffi­ciently clarified in the light of the ongoing national parlia­men­tari­an consul­tation and of inter­na­tional nego­ti­a­tions.

Suitable activ­ities are required to fulfil specific require­ments concerning the ITMO’s envi­ron­mental integrity, sustainable devel­opment and human rights as well as the oblig­ation of a corre­sponding adjustment by the involved countries. The KliK Foundation ties its financial commitment to the condition that a bilat­eral treaty between the trans­ferring country and Switzerland provides for the compul­sory adherence to the require­ments.

Accord­ingly, proposals from private organ­i­sa­tions must be provided with an official letter by the competent government agency of the partner country which endorses the activi­ty and confirms to eventu­ally engage in bilat­eral talks with the Swiss government («Letter of Intent»).

The other require­ments are published in the call for proposals docu­men­tation. The proposals selected by the KliK Foundation are eventu­ally subject to further devel­opment. For this purpose, the applicant compiles a Miti­gation Activi­ty Description Document (MADD) in consul­tation with the competent author­ities. The relevant proce­dures will be published in due course.

Where can I get information?

The regis­tered partner organ­i­sa­tions and government agencies will be notified about publi­ca­tions and calls for proposals. One may also sign up for the official newsletter, which commu­ni­cates the most important infor­mation regarding the KliK Foundation’s procurement process.

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