Newsletter no. 02/19

Invitation to “Expression of Interest”: the KliK Foundation is looking for partner organisations for the procurement of ITMOs.

Invitation to “Expression of Interest”: the KliK Foundation is looking for partner organisations for the procurement of ITMOs.

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As explained in our last newsletter, the KliK Foundation is planning a first call for proposals in the spring, in order to source miti­gation activ­ities that will generate ITMOs after 2020.

In order to develop such a portfolio of miti­gation activ­ities, KliK aims to coop­erate with approved partner organ­i­sa­tions. These organ­i­sa­tions will be invited to take part in our planned calls for proposals.

The KliK Foundation now invites private organ­i­sa­tions and government agencies to apply as partners for the procurement of ITMOs by submitting an “Expression of Interest” (EoI). Appli­ca­tions can be submitted on the website inter­na­ until 1 March 2019. The Foundation will keep looking for partner organ­i­sa­tions after this date and will peri­od­i­cally renew its invi­tation to EoI.

Who is this invitation to EoI aimed at?

This invi­tation to EoI is aimed at private organ­i­sa­tions and government agencies inter­ested in planning and imple­menting miti­gation activ­ities suitable for the gener­ation of ITMOs. Such potential partners include government agencies tasked with the imple­men­tation of climate policy instru­ments, as well as project devel­opers, consulting firms, investors, non-govern­mental organ­i­sa­tions, industry asso­ci­a­tions or companies with partic­u­larly high-emission production facil­ities or with access to relevant key technologies.

Private organ­i­sa­tions must demon­strate that they have the capaci­ty required to plan and implement such often nationwide activ­ities, either alone or within a consortium.

There are no restric­tions as to the partner organ­i­sa­tions’ geo­graphic origin.

Are government agencies and private organisations treated differently?

The coop­er­ative approaches set out under the Paris Agreement give partic­i­pating countries a central role. Selected activ­ities must thus be recog­nised as suitable by the partner country and by Switzerland before a contract can be signed for the purchase of ITMOs by the KliK Foundation.

Also, the partner country’s competent government agencies must be actively involved in order to define the rela­tionship between an activi­ty and the country’s national climate policy, and specify the method for deter­mining ITMOs.

Government agencies therefore enjoy a privi­leged status and can register directly as partner organ­i­sa­tions with their “Expression of Interest”.

Where to submit an “Expression of Interest”?

Both private organ­i­sa­tions and government agencies are asked to apply online via the website inter­na­

When is the first call for proposals scheduled and which requirements must mitigation activities meet?

KliK plans to carry out a first call for proposals in spring 2019. Using an “open oppor­tu­nities call”, we want to establish a first inven­tory of the potential and capaci­ty for activ­ities in specific indus­tries and specific countries.

Each proposal submitted by a private partner organ­i­sation must be accom­panied by an official letter from the partner country’s competent government agency, affirming its intention to support the activi­ty and, where appro­priate, enter bilat­eral talks with the Swiss government (“Letter of Intent”).

More detailed require­ments will be published for each call for proposals. Proposals selected by the Foundation will be further developed in a separate procedure. More details will be published in due time.

How do I stay informed?

Partner organ­i­sa­tions whose EoI has been approved are kept informed via publi­ca­tions and calls for proposals. It is further possible to subscribe to our openly acces­sible newsletter, which will serve to commu­nicate major infor­mation concerning KliK’s procurement process.

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