Newsletter no. 01/19

Happy New Year, procurement kicks off in 2019

Happy new year, procurement kicks off in 2019

Happy new year, procurement kicks off in 2019

Dear subscriber

Early last year we announced that KliK would invite to an expression of interest towards the end of 2018. This did not happen, as we were awaiting the results of two regu­la­tory processes: the COP in Katowice and the first reading of the Swiss CO₂ act, both having taken place during last December.

What did we get?

Regret­tably, Katowice did not deliver the desired rulebook for markets. The deci­sions do not provide for guidance on Article 6. In fact, we are left with two different texts, one from SBSTA and one from the presi­dency with brackets remaining, which creates ambi­gui­ty for the process going forward.

This is also bad news when it comes to the next steps of parlia­mentary decision making on the Swiss CO₂ act. In December, the Swiss parliament’s first chamber produced an unbal­anced draft act and ditched the outcome in the final vote. The act is now forwarded to the second chamber, who will have to start all over. The role of inter­na­tional offsets was again heavily disputed; for some the panacea, for some a cheap trick. Now, without a sound signal from Katowice, it will become even more difficult to explain to the critics, why it makes sense to invest into collab­o­rative approaches to up the ambi­tions of Switzerland.

Is this the end?

Well, no. It is now that we need concrete action to convince the critics. We have a suffi­ciently sound basis to continue working on collab­o­rative approaches. In the deci­sions on the trans­parency framework (Art. 13) there is guidance on accounting of ITMOs; the contentious issues that finally led to postponing a decision on Art. 6 rather relate to the sustainable devel­opment mechanism (Art. 6.4). The guidance on collab­o­rative approaches itself is not disputed. And in Switzerland, no party opposes to envi­ron­men­tally integer inter­na­tional programmes.

Breaking new ground

On the sideline of the COP there was consid­erable momentum. Peru and Switzerland formalised a dia­logue that shall lead to a bilat­eral agreement on collab­o­rative approaches under the Paris Agreement (read the news). Further countries will follow.

Against this backdrop, KliK decided to kick off the procurement process as planned. First, in the second half of January, you will be invited to express your interest in providing the foundation with programme ideas and apply with the foundation to be selected as a partner organ­i­sation.


Then, in March, we plan to launch a first “open oppor­tu­nities call” for tenders, to take stock of existing leads.

It is my pleasure to wish you a great new year, and to be back soon with the invi­tation to express your interest.

Mischa Classen

Director Carbon Procurement

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