26 January 2019

Invitation to “Expression of Interest”: the KliK Foundation is looking for partner organisations for the procurement of ITMOs.

Dear newsletter subscribers

As explained in our last newsletter, the KliK Foundation is planning a first call for proposals in the spring, in order to source mitigation activities that will generate ITMOs after 2020.

In order to develop such a portfolio of mitigation activities, KliK aims to cooperate with approved partner organisations. These organisations will be invited to take part in our planned calls for proposals.

The KliK Foundation now invites private organisations and government agencies to apply as partners for the procurement of ITMOs by submitting an “Expression of Interest” (EoI). Applications can be submitted on the website until 1 March 2019. The Foundation will keep looking for partner organisations after this date and will periodically renew its invitation to EoI.

Who is this invitation to EoI aimed at?

This invitation to EoI is aimed at private organisations and government agencies interested in planning and implementing mitigation activities suitable for the generation of ITMOs. Such potential partners include government agencies tasked with the implementation of climate policy instruments, as well as project developers, consulting firms, investors, non-governmental organisations, industry associations or companies with particularly high-emission production facilities or with access to relevant key technologies.

Private organisations must demonstrate that they have the capacity required to plan and implement such often nationwide activities, either alone or within a consortium.

There are no restrictions as to the partner organisations’ geographic origin.

Are government agencies and private organisations treated differently?

The cooperative approaches set out under the Paris Agreement give participating countries a central role. Selected activities must thus be recognised as suitable by the partner country and by Switzerland before a contract can be signed for the purchase of ITMOs by the KliK Foundation.

Also, the partner country’s competent government agencies must be actively involved in order to define the relationship between an activity and the country’s national climate policy, and specify the method for determining ITMOs.

Government agencies therefore enjoy a privileged status and can register directly as partner organisations with their “Expression of Interest”.

Where to submit an “Expression of Interest”?

Both private organisations and government agencies are asked to apply online via the website

When is the first call for proposals scheduled and which requirements must mitigation activities meet?

KliK plans to carry out a first call for proposals in spring 2019. Using an “open opportunities call”, we want to establish a first inventory of the potential and capacity for activities in specific industries and specific countries.

Each proposal submitted by a private partner organisation must be accompanied by an official letter from the partner country’s competent government agency, affirming its intention to support the activity and, where appropriate, enter bilateral talks with the Swiss government (“Letter of Intent”).

More detailed requirements will be published for each call for proposals. Proposals selected by the Foundation will be further developed in a separate procedure. More details will be published in due time.

How do I stay informed?

Partner organisations whose EoI has been approved are kept informed via publications and calls for proposals. It is further possible to subscribe to our openly accessible newsletter, which will serve to communicate major information concerning KliK’s procurement process.

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