Appli­cants and Contrib­utors

Applicant may add several contrib­utors that can access, create, edit and finalise proposals of the applicant organ­i­sation:

> Login > Applicant Data

Contrib­utors may be assigned by the attrib­ut­or to a proposal:

> Login > Edit Proposal

Contrib­utors may create its own proposals, edit and finalise them. After final­i­sation no editing is possible, unless the proposal is reset by the admin­is­trator.

Viewing a Proposal

For the ease of readabili­ty the proposal can be viewed as a PDF and printed out.

Final­ising a Proposal

A Proposal must be finalised by the applicant or the contrib­utor prior to be able to submit. Final­i­sation can be made using the respective active el­ement at the bottom of the form.

Submitting a Proposal

Only the applicant can submit proposals to the KliK foundation. The applicant can submit proposals that are finalised by a contrib­utor or on its own.

Using place­holder

Every section has fields to upload one or multiple pictures. These can be used in the text by using the {place­holder } element with the respective number of the picture.

Above example would translate into the following view:

That way pictures, designs, graphs and tables can be used in the proposal. The online admin­is­tration has no possi­bili­ty to format text.