Getting involved

Regis­tration of government agencies

The coop­er­ative approaches set out under the Paris Agreement give partic­i­pating countries a central role. Selected activ­ities must be recog­nised as suitable by the partner country and by Switzerland before a contract may be signed for the purchase of gener­ated ITMOs by the KliK Foundation. Also, the partner country’s competent government agencies must be actively involved in order to define the rela­tionship between an activi­ty and the country’s national climate policy.

The government of the trans­ferring country is involved in the process at the following stages: MAIN, MADD, and of course nego­ti­ation of a bilat­eral agreement.

The conclusion of a bilat­eral agreement between Switzerland and the partner country on crediting methods and require­ments for ITMOs is a key prereq­uisite to secure funding from the KliK Foundation.

Government agencies enjoy a privi­leged status and may register directly using the form provided below. Once regis­tered, they may submit proposals for miti­gation activ­ities (MAINs) on an ongoing basis.