Getting involved

Appli­cation by private organ­i­sa­tions

The KliK Foundation identifies and develops suitable inter­na­tional activ­ities in collab­o­ration with recog­nised private partner organ­i­sa­tions.

Private organ­i­sa­tions can apply to become partners of the KliK Foundation for the procurement of ITMOs in the context of invi­ta­tions to Expression of Interest (EoI).

Such invi­ta­tions take place peri­od­i­cally and are announced via our newsletter. They are intended for private organ­i­sa­tions inter­ested in planning and imple­menting miti­gation activ­ities suitable for the gener­ation of ITMOs. This includes project devel­opers, consulting firms, investors, non-govern­mental organ­i­sa­tions, industry asso­ci­a­tions or companies with partic­u­larly high-emission production facil­ities or with access to relevant key technologies.

Inter­ested organ­i­sa­tions must demon­strate that they have the capaci­ty required to plan and implement such frequently nationwide activ­ities, either alone or within a consortium.

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