Activities and impact

Miti­gation activ­ities

The KliK Foundation identifies, develops and funds inno­v­ative miti­gation activ­ities in partner countries.

Miti­gation activ­ities imple­mented under the Paris Agreement must supplement the efforts of partner countries and serve to raise their ambition in fighting climate change. To this end, miti­gation activ­ities must be carefully selected as well as designed and developed in coop­er­ation with partner countries to meet local needs.

Key criteria include safeguarding human rights, fostering sustainable devel­opment and ensuring envi­ron­mental integrity. A bilat­eral agreement ensures that these require­ments are binding.

Over the course of the KliK Foundation’s procurement process, activ­ities go through various stages, from proposal to concept to imple­men­tation. The KliK Foundation’s financial support is condi­tional on the conclusion of a bilat­eral agreement.