Activities and impact


Under the Paris Agreement, partner countries jointly develop miti­gation activ­ities to raise their ambition in fighting climate change.

The KliK Foundation coop­erates closely with government agencies in various countries to identify suitable miti­gation activ­ities. Under the Paris Agreement, these agencies are given a central role in defining and imple­menting activ­ities.

Emission reduc­tions can only be counted toward Switzerland’s climate target if a miti­gation activi­ty supple­ments a country’s own miti­gation efforts and therefore enables raised ambition. This deter­mi­nation is carried out by involved government agencies. A bilat­eral agreement provides the precon­dition for ensuring the integrity of supported miti­gation activ­ities.

Government agencyCountries of Activi­ty
Climate Change Management DepartmentZimbabwe
Ministry of Local Affairs and Envi­ronmentTunesia